The fearsome Darkans

Lord Voidus

The dark Lord of Shadows has only one goal: to steal all of Gorm's magical energy and create a new kingdom, the realm of the Darkans! He has infinite powers: his fearsome dark magic required the joint effort of the four Lords and of all the Gormiti to drive him from Gorm and imprison him in Darkor, but this did not defeat him! Voidus is back to conquer Gorm!
Lord Voidus unleashes the power of the purest darkness against his enemies! A stream of evil power comes out of the tip of his Shadow Lance, an attack of pure dark magic that destroys everything it touches!

By bending the power of Elestar against his will, Lord Voidus creates an enormous ball of lethal dark energy! As soon as it hits the enemy the ball unleashes a huge explosion of evil power and darkness that no one can escape from!
The Dark Wizard. No one has ever seen Xathor’s face, they say that under his cloak is a being made of pure shadow. Armed with a magic stick with mysterious powers, Xathor can bend reality to his will and is even able to control his enemies' minds! Ruthless both with his enemies and with his henchmen, Xathor is one of the most fearsome enemies of the Gormiti!

Xathor creates a volley of dark balls that he launches at his enemy, bombarding them with a barrage of shadow missiles they can't avoid!

Xathor concentrates all his power into his diabolical staff, throwing a thunderbolt of pure dark energy at his enemy, a violent discharge of evil power!

The Master of Fear, the General of the Voidus troops. Cryptus has strong dark powers and total control over the Shadow Soldiers: he can use his portals to call an infinite number of soldiers to Gorm, unleashing them against the Gormiti and weakening them! When the warriors are tired, Cryptus appears from a portal and finishes them off with the magic power of his blade!

Focusing his dark powers into his blade, Cryptus creates a huge prism of pure negative energy that violently strikes enemies, crushing them to the ground with the shadow’s power!

Cryptus creates a of dark energy portal through which he calls up his Shadow Soldiers, ready to launch a violent series of attacks: a truly incredible power!

The Destroyer, the first Darkan unleashed by Voidus against the new Heralds! Gredd is not very smart, but his strength is devastating! He is the strongest Darkan, and he proves it by breaking through the door of One Tower, triggering the invasion of Gorm! His shields deflect the powerful attacks of the Gormiti, making room to mercilessly strike his enemies!

Gredd concentrates his strength into a shadow ball that he violently shatters with his shields! The result is a wave of evil energy that hits his enemies mercilessly!

Gredd channels his dark energy into the ground, creating an invisible attack that strikes enemies from below, trapping them with evil power and defeating them!

The Shadow Vampire, the scariest Darkan! Kratus has fearsome powers: he can steal vital energy from nature and use it to make his attacks even more terrible. He's also completely mad! Stealing energy is great fun for him, and leaving his enemies lifeless fills him with joy! The Darkans are afraid of Kratus, but Voidus knows that his madness is a powerful weapon!

Kratus zhromažďuje do svojej zbrane energiu ukradnutú nepriateľom. Potom na ne zákerne zaútočí a použije proti nim ich vlastnú silu!
Kratus vysáva dušu svojich nepriateľov. Zanecháva ich za sebou bezvládne!

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