The Gormiti of ice


The Ice Herald, Ikor is the son King Kori and heir to the throne of the Ice Castle. Conceited and proud, Ikor will have to learn to trust his comrades to become a true Guardian and a sovereign worthy of the name. Everything he does is calculated, every attack is part of a strategy. Ikor is a formidable enemy!
The Elemental Bracers are mystical artifacts left by the Lords of Gorm inside the One Tower. Thanks to their powers, the chosen Heralds can channel their focus and summon the powerful Gormiti, to fight once more againt Voidus and his evil Darkans!
Akilos is called the ice wizard: the jewel on his weapon, given to him by Trytion himself, can create huge and very powerful ice missiles! With his analytical mind, he is able to attack the enemies unpredictably, hitting them in their weak spots when they least expect it! His motto is "A battle is won before the fight begins!"

Focusing his glacial power through the jewel on his weapon, Akilos creates a huge ice missile that he hurls at enemies, hitting them with the force of an iceberg!

Drawing on the icy power of Gorm's largest glacier, Akilos launches a powerful, unstoppable flow of freezing energy that seriously damages his enemies!

Ikalos, the brother of Akilos, embodies the most lethal aspects of ice: stinging, unpredictable and unstoppable! He is extremely competitive, especially with his brother. Like all ice warriors, he enters battle with a strategy but, unlike others, he often improvises his attacks, coming down on his enemies like an avalanche!

An unstoppable icy stream comes out of the shield of Ikalos, overwhelming his enemies with pure glacial magic, a whirlwind of ice with the power of an avalanche!

Ikalos concentrates his power in his shield, charging it with ice energy! He then unleashes it on his enemies, striking them with a violent attack!

The conceited Diakos is famous for his sarcasm: he studies his enemies' strengths and weaknesses before every fight and makes fun of them to make them lose control! What looks like a game is actually a sophisticated strategy: his enemies, enraged by his jokes, lower their guard and are overwhelmed by the icy power of Diakos!

Accumulating his energy in a huge ball, Diakos unleashes an attack of pure glacial magic against his enemies that explodes in a freezing cloud that no one can escape from!

With precise blows, Diakos attacks his enemies with fast ice balls, damaging them mercilessly!

Massive and impenetrable like the ice of his lands, Hydros is a very fearsome warrior: he is very hard on everyone, but especially on himself, and he has been training for years to overcome his weaknesses, developing some infallible combat techniques! With his whip he can attack and defend himself, and adapts quickly to every enemy!

With a twirl of his whip, Hydros creates a whirlwind of icy energy that brings the temperature on the battlefield to absolute zero, a temperature at which all lifeforms cease to exist!

By spiraling its whip, Hydros creates a whirlwind of glacial energy that brings the temperature to the battlefield to absolute zero, a temperature at which every form of life ceases to exist!

Lord Trityon

Lord Trityon is the Lord of the Ice People, an unstoppable, conceited and intelligent warrior. The jewel on his chest allows him to channel the ice of his lands, unleashing a devastating icy fury on his enemies! Armed with the Ice Trident, Trityon is the best leader in Gorm: his brilliant mind helps him come up with unbeatable strategies!
Lord Trityon makes his Trident even more powerful with energy from the Ice Kingdom, unleashing it and triggering a devastating explosion of ice!

With the Polar Jewel set in his chest, the very core of ice’s magic energy, Lord Trityon launches a powerful ice ray that can even freeze a volcano’s lava!


Cryos is the Ice Bear, Ikor's Hyperbeast. Like all Hyperbeasts, he reflects his Herald’s personality: conceited and proud, Cryos does not bow down to anyone! Just one powerful blow from his huge paws stops every opponent, attacks from icy Cryos should not to be underestimated!

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