The Gormiti of wind


Eron is the Wind Herald, he loves having fun and can never stand still! Like all Wind Gormians, Eron thinks life is a game: no occasion is too serious for a joke! His friends learn not to panic in the hardest situations from him, they’ll often find a surprising answer that only Eron could come up with!
The Elemental Bracers are mystical artifacts left by the Lords of Gorm inside the One Tower. Thanks to their powers, the chosen Heralds can channel their focus and summon the powerful Gormiti, to fight once more againt Voidus and his evil Darkans!
His name says it all! Hurricane's personality is lively and fun, like all the Wind People, until he enters into battle! True to his name, Hurricane is unstoppable on the battlefield, hitting enemies with swirling attacks that confuse them until he finishes them off with a powerful hurricane that blows them into the distance!

Hurricane's most powerful attack, a whirlwind of incredible stormy energy that strikes his enemy in his weak spot, blowing it miles into the distance! The real power of a hurricane!

Using his incredible powers, Hurricane flies into the battlefield at supersonic speed, bombarding the enemy with a series of very rapid blows, boosted by the energy of the storm!

Orion is a unique fighter: mysterious and cold, he fights with a magic bow. It is said a single blow from Orion can defeat his enemies: when he fights, he enters into a mystic state of mind with no distractions so that he can defeat his opponent with a single arrow launched with lethal precision!

Just one blow and the enemy is done for! Using his sophisticated Zen senses, Orion can pick up on the smallest change in the atmosphere, predicting his enemy’s movements and defeating him with just one powerful arrow!

When the battle rages, the battlefield is often filled with incredible energies that can even confuse Orion! But it’s not a problem for the wind warrior: a volley of powerful arrows and the enemy can't escape!

Rowdy and chaotic, Typhon is the exact opposite of Orion: he fights by channelling the fury of the winds and launching fast, powerful gusts from the turbine on his chest, without paying too much attention to his target! After all, why do you need a target when you can hit all your enemies with a violent typhoon?

Typhon channels through the turbine on his chest the power of storms that lash the highest peaks of the Region of the Winds, unleashing a raging unstoppable attack!

Charging his powerful turbine to the limit, Typhon creates a vortex that no one can fight, with a flow of stormy energy that has the power of a thousand tornadoes!

Very fast, sometimes too fast, Zefyr is the warrior who best represents the Wind People: he flies from spot to spot on the battlefield using the rockets on his back, making fun of his enemy and cracking jokes, until he gets bored. He then hits his enemies at supersonic speed with swirling attacks that no one can escape!

Zefyr focuses the storm's fury inside himself and becomes even stronger thanks to his lightning speed! The result? A super-fast vortex that sucks in his enemies and pulverises them!

Zipping along the wind currents, Zefyr hits his enemy with an unpredictable series of swirling attacks that are impossible to avoid, a real wind fury!

Lord Helios

Lord Helios is the Lord of the Wind People, an elegant and unpredictable warrior who embodies all the power of the strongest storm! Helios loves to fight on the wings of the storm: his attacks are very violent and unstoppable, and can blow away entire armies! Armed with the Wind Staff, Helios can unleash thunderbolts and storms, fighting like a real hurricane!
By gathering static electricity in the atmosphere around him, Lord Helios launches a 1,000,000-volt vortex of electricity against his enemies!

Using his incredible powers, Hurricane flies into the battlefield at supersonic speed, bombarding the enemy with a series of very rapid blows, boosted by the energy of the storm!


Wrago, the Wind Dragon, looks really menacing ... and he has a very funny personality! Like Eron, he loves flying and joking with the other Hyperbeasts, who look at him embarrassed - but he doesn’t care! But when he has to fight, Wrago transforms: he bombards enemies from above with stormy attacks that hit their target and are impossible to avoid!

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