The Gormiti of rock


Trek, the Rock Herald, is the strongest in the group. The People of the Rock are famous for their incredible physical strength, and Trek is one of the strongest young Rock Gormians. But his strength means he is always hungry! His connection with the rock makes him calm and balanced, except when he has no more Sloggu bars!
The Elemental Bracers are mystical artifacts left by the Lords of Gorm inside the One Tower. Thanks to their powers, the chosen Heralds can channel their focus and summon the powerful Gormiti, to fight once more againt Voidus and his evil Darkans!
The first Gormita to be called by the new Heralds, Karak embodies all the characteristics of the Rock People: powerful, massive, indestructible! His powerful fists are second only to Lord Titano's. With one blow he can unleash earthquakes and create unstoppable waves of rock energy. Being brushed by one of his fists is like having a boulder thrown in your face!

With a powerful blow from his rocky fists, Karak creates a trail of stalagmites that chase the enemy, hitting them with a devastating attack that they can’t escape from!

Focusing his destructive power, Karak concentrates the strength of his stone fists into a flow of magical energy that strikes his enemies with rocky force, a powerful attack that can destroy a mountain!

Havok the Demolisher! His nickname comes from his devastating blows on the battlefield! Havok’s main characteristic is his studded fist: the legends of the Rock People say it has the destructive force of a thousand tons in every hit! Nothing can stop a well-aimed blow: the ground trembles when Havok is near!

By shattering the rocks around him, Havok creates a tornado of rocky energy with shards of stone, a whirlwind of pure energy with an incredible destructive power!

Striking the ground with his powerful studded fist, Havok creates rocky spikes under his enemies to damage them! A versatile move that makes Havok a fearsome opponent!

Hirok is the most agile of all the Rock People, he has a unique feature that makes him a powerful warrior against the Darkans. His comrades prefer to destroy everything in front of them, but Hirok uses his agility and his powerful drills to dig secret passages and strike his enemies when they least expect it!

Hirok's drills rotate at an incredible speed, channelling the magic of the rock into a spiral flow of unstoppable drilling power! The attack he unleashes can even pierce the hard granite of a giant mountain, the enemies have no way of escaping!

Hirok disappears from the battlefield by digging long tunnels with his drills. A few seconds later he reappears, striking his enemies from below!

Torak is not the most brilliant of the Gormiti, but definitely one of the most powerful! His armour looks like a bull, and Torak has all the characteristics of a bull: better leave him be, he’s unstoppable when he gets mad! His attack power is unrivalled, and once he starts charging he’ll only stop when he has devastated everything in his path!

The best way to overcome a hurdle? Go through it! Torak charges his fist with the sheer power of rock, dealing a devastating blow that shatters everything it hits - including his enemies!

Torak focuses his incredible power all around him, projecting magical energy that looks like his horned helmet. The attack hits his opponent with the devastating force of a herd of 10,000 raging bulls!

Lord Titano

The Lord of the Rock People, Lord Titano is an immensely powerful giant warrior. At first glance he may seem bad-tempered but, like all Rock Gormiti, inside he has a good and unselfish soul. His destructive powers are infinite: just one blow from his powerful Rock Hammer can flatten a whole mountain to the ground or so people say!
Lord Titano has extracted the rock for the head of his Hammer from the deepest cave in the Rock Region, fighting against the mysterious underground inhabitants to obtain this mystical, immensely powerful material! It makes him as strong as the rock, channelling the power of a whole mountain into each blow!

Lord Titano calls up the primordial forces of Gorm's nature, becoming as one with his powerful element! Using his mind, the boulders and rocks around him bend to his will, crushing enemies with the force of a mountain!

By concentrating the huge power of Gorm’s mountains into a ball of pure energy, Lord Titano unleashes all the power of the Rock with a deadly blow from his unstoppable Hammer! An attack of overwhelming strength and energy!


The Rock Gorilla, Trek's powerful Hyperbeast! Gorok is the most powerful of all Hyperbeasts: he hits his enemies with violent attacks, crushing them with his huge fists! Like Trek, his powerful strength comes at a price: he’s always hungry for Sloggu bars!

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