The Gormiti of fire


Riff is the Fire Herald, an energetic and impulsive boy who can’t wait to fight for the future of Gorm! Like all the people of the Fire Region, he doesn’t like the cold, the most difficult challenge will be to get on with Ikor! His combat style is the same as all Fire People: fight first, then think of a strategy!
The Elemental Bracers are mystical artifacts left by the Lords of Gorm inside the One Tower. Thanks to their powers, the chosen Heralds can channel their focus and summon the powerful Gormiti, to fight once more againt Voidus and his evil Darkans!
Fast and impulsive, Koga is one of the most famous warriors of the Fire People. His long hair looks like a burning flame – his terrified enemies often surrender on the battlefield as soon as they see him appear! Armed with an solid shield, Koga is a master of both attack and defence: the shield protects him from attacks, before he unleashes a torrent of flames!

After charging his shield with fire energy, Koga launches it violently over the enemy in an unstoppable blazing tornado!

Koga channels fire energy inside himself, then launches an unstoppable fire ray from his shield against his enemy!

Vulkan is the very best warrior of Fire: his burning energy is so explosive that when he attacks, he burns like a volcano! And, just like a volcano, his attacks set off a rain of fire on his enemies! But don’t talk to him about training, unless you want to set everything around you on fire - for Vulkan, training is only good when everything burns!

Vulkan increases his body temperature until he turns into a living volcano, launching a volley of explosive meteors against his enemy, with a devastating rain of fire!

Vulkan collects the powerful flames into a ball of magma with incredible explosive power that he hurls at his enemies, triggering a gigantic explosion!

At first glance Saburo looks like a perfect Ice People warrior: silent and mysterious.Before he attacks, he carefully studies his enemies to find out their weaknesses. But when he does attack, he reveals his fiery nature: his katana lights up with flames, burning with all the power of fire, and with just one careful swipe, he defeats his enemy! Fear the flaming ninja!

Concentrating his power in his katana, Saburo unleashes a sharp and powerful blade of fire with such precision that he can split a hair in two!

Saburo channels the fire energy of Gorm’s volcanoes into the blade of his katana, striking enemies with a flaming vertical attack that can slice a mountain in two!

Hurik embodies his element like few other Gormiti, he has pure explosive energy! His combat style is like a boxer: he channels fire energy through his fists, unleashing a burst of blazing explosions that no one can escape from! This true fire warrior has little to say, but has plenty of action!

Hurik channels the energy and heat of flames to his fists, unleashing a super-fast volley of balls of fire that it is practically impossible to avoid!

With a combination of blows launched at the speed of light, Hurik creates an incandescent ball of air that he throws at his enemy, burning everything he meets to a crisp!

Lord Keryon

Lord Keryon is the Lord of the Fire People and one of the most powerful Gormiti ever on Gorm Island! With his flaming powers, he can trigger explosions and unstoppable jets of fire! It is said that its flames are so intense that he can even melt rock: his burning energy is all-powerful! His weapon is the invincible Volcano Lance, as hot as the sun!
Channelling power from the core of the Island of Gorm, Lord Keryon unleashes a powerful flow of magma energy from the top of Volcano Lance, disintegrating all enemies!

Lord Keryon takes all the power of the Volcano Lance and puts it into a giant ball of flames to throw at his enemies:- the power of fire turns them to dust!


The Fire Lion, Riff’s burning Hyperbeast! Pyron has a majestic, noble appearance: a real king of the Hyperbeasts. His flaming powers are unstoppable, he can turn an army of Shadow Soldiers to dust with just one attack! Like Riff, he is extremely impulsive: he alternates energy explosions with rushes of incredible beastly fury!

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